A New Way of Thinking About Estates & Trusts

The Great Wealth Transfer is underway and the estates & trusts space is being overwhelmed. The solution resides in adopting a new way of thinking about how to administer estates and trusts. 

Using innovative, purpose-built technology, Collective Agreement enables executors and trustees to be more actively involved in the administration of the estate/trust, while still providing them the hands-on guidance to work through the complexities of the probate/trusteeship process. 

The new way is a more collaborative, tech-enabled approach that connects across the generations and optimizes outcomes for beneficiaries.

Estates & Trust Services 

Estate & Trust Administration 

For executors and trustees, hands-on support to help them navigate the entire process and save them time, trouble, and money. For law firms, a legal tech-enabled resource to augment their estate and trust administration services.

Fiduciary Accounting

Provide executors, trustees and their lawyers accounting support services to maintain and organize estate/trust accounts required to produce court-formatted reporting.

Dispute Resolution

Assist stakeholders facing estate or trust disputes, with an objective, strategic assessment of their position. For disputes that end up in litigation, working in concert with legal counsel to provide client-based litigation support and project management. And for highly contentious estates/trusts, act as a monitor or ETDL.

Strategic Planning

Applying insights from estate administration, supporting advisors with their client's estate planning by providing an objective, candid perspective to identify avoidable planning errors and, as needed, help aligning stakeholders along with honing strategies to protect the estate/trust from potential family disputes.

Collective Agreement is a consultancy service specializing in estates and trusts, founded by its principal advisor Bruce Young, CPA, CA, CEA.

Based in Toronto, working with clients across Canada (primarily in Ontario) that are typically referred by their professional advisors, and is engaged by clients directly or by legal counsel.

Toronto, Canada: 416-968-0200